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Frost-Resistance Challenge

TUEsday - 21/06/2011 15:04
Frost-Resistance Challenge

Frost-Resistance Challenge

The winter of 2009–2010 in Europe has been unusually cold with atypical snowfalls in several parts of the Northern Hemisphere. In January 2010, the northern half of Europe experienced one of its coldest winters since 1981–1982. Starting on 16 December 2009 light snowfalls and weather warnings took place.
A persistent weather pattern brought cold moist air from the north with systems undergoing cyclogenesis from North American storms moving across the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and saw many parts of Europe experiencing heavy snowfall and record low temperatures.

But this is a good occasion for us to test the frost-resistance of our mosaic tables.
Please see here below some photos taken by our customers.


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